Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In the garden today

I have been busy busy busy.   The garden and business have been keeping me so busy I hardly ever come inside.  I am over the moon excited for my next sale as I have larger  material coming in.   Here are some pictures from around my garden.  
This is a new succulent bed I put in last year.  It fared well in the winter with all the rock around it and its sun exposure.   The large red edged plant in the center is Echeveria "lipstick."

Now I didn't promise to just discuss succulents did I?   This is a volunteer California poppy Eschscholzia californica.  I adore the vase like shape that the flowers have in the mornings.

 This is a leopard lily, Lilium pardilinum.   I hope to have some of these for sale some day. They make terrific garden plants.
This is Sedum album.  You can find it all throughout my garden.  It is a throw it and forget it kind of plant that propagates easily and fills in spaces well.  Feel free to ask me for some cuttings when you are at one of my sales, I happily give it away with a warning.  

This is the aptly named baby toes, Fenestraria rhopalophylla, they are remarkably easy to grow and seem to have some cold tolerance as long as they are protected in hard frosts. 

Haworthias are a new fascination for me, they are shade tolerant, have few pest and disease problems and are so interesting.  Ask me to see my small collection when you are at my sale next. The one above is Haworthia retusa "white ghost"

Haworthia truncata 

The flowers of Haworthia are extremely similar, they remind me of tiny native orchid flowers.   The flowers are borne on long stems, some more than three feet long. 

Aeonium "Starburst"  there is no comparison to this beauty.   I am working on getting reliable stock of this one for sale.  

This is Carpenteria californica "Elizabeth"  it is a compact shrub with evergreen leaves. It is softly fragrant. 

This is my favorite plant of the moment, Calandrina (Cistanthe) grandiflora.  It blooms for most of the year. It is an incredible (large) border plant.   I have planted a one gallon in a half barrel and with careful maintenance of the water in its early stages it filled the entire barrel in one year.  It needs hard pruning in winter.

I hope you are having fun in your gardens as well.   I am open by chance or by appointment in Eureka (email me for the address) I have a sale this coming weekend (June 6th and 7th) and about every other weekend throughout the growing season. 

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